Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here and There

For the past few weeks we've been back in Rexburg, Idaho. We travelled from Kansas to Missouri where we blessed Cali and packed up. From there we drove through Nebraska, Wyoming and stopped in Utah to see family. Following Utah we moved into an apartment in Rexburg, and after getting settled for a week we took a trip up to Washington for Doug's brother's wedding. All in all I haven't figured out the exact mileage, but we spent a solid week in the car rolling down the windows and yelling at cows. . . and trains. . . and anything else we felt like yelling at.

Sarah turned three! We can't believe that she's three years old and all the things she's doing. For her birthday we made a train cake because she is obsessed with trains and busses. If either of them are near she can spot them. Her birthday was on a Sunday and at church she kept telling everyone, "It's my happy birthday!"

It has been so fun to see all of our extended family as well as have the special treat of living close to Mack and Sadie again.


  1. I'm so glad you finally posted again! You have such a beautiful family. Wow! I had no idea you were moving back to Rexburg. Did you know or was this something that just kind of came up? Does that mean you'll be around for the "reunion" the last weekend in June? I would so love to see you!

  2. So cute! hmmm I wonder where Sarah gets her love of trains? I can recall getting a train to honk at us on the way to Utah/Idaho. So funny. How long will you guys be in Idaho?

  3. I'm loving the train cake. You are so creative. And the cute striped dress she is wearing. How chic! I can't wait to see you either at the reunion or the weekend earlier. Which ever is fine with me as long as I get my Cali fix. You're the best. Love you

  4. You are back in Rexburg! How exciting! We miss that place- and we miss you guys! It seems like we were just at Sarahs 2nd birthday! She is growing up so fast! Love all the curls!

  5. P.S.- is that hair long enough to donate yet?!

  6. How crazy that you are back in Rexburg...but fun. Your family looks so cute. Just one more little babe adds a lot. Just 4 months left and we'll add our fourth, crazy, crazy.

    Oh, and yes I also love the cake. Care bear cake last year, train cake this much fun. I can't believe she is 3.

    Keep in touch.