Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here and There

For the past few weeks we've been back in Rexburg, Idaho. We travelled from Kansas to Missouri where we blessed Cali and packed up. From there we drove through Nebraska, Wyoming and stopped in Utah to see family. Following Utah we moved into an apartment in Rexburg, and after getting settled for a week we took a trip up to Washington for Doug's brother's wedding. All in all I haven't figured out the exact mileage, but we spent a solid week in the car rolling down the windows and yelling at cows. . . and trains. . . and anything else we felt like yelling at.

Sarah turned three! We can't believe that she's three years old and all the things she's doing. For her birthday we made a train cake because she is obsessed with trains and busses. If either of them are near she can spot them. Her birthday was on a Sunday and at church she kept telling everyone, "It's my happy birthday!"

It has been so fun to see all of our extended family as well as have the special treat of living close to Mack and Sadie again.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Two Weeks in Kansas

Last Friday we all piled in the truck and spent a long day driving to a small farming community in Kansas so Doug can finish up a project for work. Basically, it's the middle of nowhere, but we actually really like being here. It's the kind of town where they figure out that you're new really fast because everyone knows everyone else. It's the kind of place where people just wave at each other because they happen to be on the same street passing each other. It's the kind of place where it's not uncommon to see two cars stopped in the middle of the street for several minutes while the drivers catch up on what's going on. We really like the small town feel and it reminds me of the town where I grew up.
Going to church on Sunday was a lot of fun for us. We're used to fairly big wards and everywhere we've lived so far has had a church within five minutes of where we live (except for Doug's house). Everyone was so friendly--we were even invited to dinner this upcoming Sunday! We realized (again) what a small world it is because one of the missionaries serving in the ward is from Alberta, Canada where Doug lived for three years growing up and knows some of his good friends. We met in a smaller chapel and I counted less than fifty-five people there. Sarah was ecstatic to be able to go into primary because there aren't any children for a nursery in this ward, so she doubled the sunbeam class bringing the total count to two. Doug played the piano in priesthood to give the sister who played in Sacrament meeting a break. I did a double take when I saw the Relief Society room. It looked like a glorified mothers lounge with two very comfortable glider rockers on the second of two rows. We love being able to look up where to go to church on and it is so refreshing to worship with the saints no matter where we go.

Doug has loved tying rebar this week and is excited to move on to spraying concrete in the dome tomorrow. Sarah, Cali, and I have walked all over this town to the library, park, Doug's work, etc. Most of all Sarah has enjoyed being reunited with the bobcat and loves the driving lessons she gets from Dad (we've prayed for the bobcat so many times--I don't know how it could every break).

We are so grateful that we can travel with Doug and love being together as a family. It has been so fun to have adventures that we never would have imagined were possible.

Far left: Doug and Sarah in the bobcat.

Left: Cali started smiling and cooing on Wednesday April 22.